Tarot & Oracle Readings

I use both a traditional Smith-Waite and The Wild Unknown deck, occasionally enhancing readings with extra guidance from the Goddess Guidance, Spirit de la Lune, and Messenger oracle decks. 

3 Card Reading

Three card readings can be great when you need a quick answer and the situation isn't too complicated. Or, even if the situation is complicated, it can be a way to get back to basics. After all, sometimes the most complicated problems have simple solutions. Here are just a few possible three card readings:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Situation, Obstacle, Advice
  • What Will Help, What Will Hinder, Your Potential
  • What You Aspire To, What Stands In your Way, How to Overcome this

5 Card Readings

Five card spreads are a great way to look into factors influencing you in your past and present as well as give advice and clarity to specific aspects in your life. Here are a few different spreads. 

  • Current Situation, Recent Past, Influences/Contributing Factors to Past, Advice or Action, Outcome
  • Elemental Advice - this spread uses the elements - air, water, earth, fire - to represent and shed light on different aspects of being human. Thinking, Feeling, Doing, Believing. Giving advice for a particular problem in each of these
  • Winds of Change - Change can be scary and this spread allows you to understand the nature of the change and what you can expect.
  • Answer the Call - a spread for when you feel compelled to do something. This spread helps you understand the nature of the calling and how to respond to it.
Tarot Reading

Reiki Session

As I'm still new to Reiki, I'm offering sessions for a discount. I can do them in person or over the phone. Reiki has the ability to alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and creates a sense of well-being, tranquility and an expanded perspective.

Reiki Session